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The Firefly™ Device

Used by elite athletes and professional teams in the U.S. and internationally to accelerate the recovery process after high intensity exercise, the firefly™ device increases blood flow to healthy muscles to improve or facilitate muscle performance.

Worn at the knee, the firefly™ device triggers the body's built in mechanisms to deliver painless electrical impulses via the common peroneal nerve to gently activate the calf muscle pumps. The increase in blood flow, up to 60% of walking, emulates active recovery without an elite athlete having to move or exert energy.

In the USA the firefly™ device is sold for:

  • Stimulation of healthy muscles to improve or facilitate muscle performance

Benefits of the firefly™ device:

  • Recovery 3 x faster than compression - 24 hrs vs 72 hrs
  • Portable – fits athletes' lifestyles
  • Weighs just 16g
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Easy and quick to fit - takes just 60 seconds
  • Endorsed by Elite Athletes
  • Comes with 2 in a pack

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The geko™ device

Powered by OnPulse™ neuromuscular electro-stimulation technology, the clinically proven geko™ device increases blood circulation in the deep veins of the lower leg, reducing the risk of VTE.

Battery powered and worn at the knee, the geko™ device gently stimulates the common peroneal nerve activating the calf and foot muscle pumps, increasing venous, arterial and microcirculatory blood flow. The increase in blood flow is similar to that achieved by walking, up to 60%, without a patient having to move.

In the USA the geko™ device is sold for:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Post-surgical stimulation of the calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis

Benefits of the geko™ device compared with mechanical compression

  • Significantly more effective than SCD in increasing blood flow
  • Has no wires or leads – no tripping hazard
  • Weighs just 10g
  • Easy and quick to fit
  • Silent in operation
  • Comes with 2 in a pack

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